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MED Business Services help you do more—with less.

MED Compliance Solutions

MBS-StaffWith the implementation of CMS’ Quality Standards and the move towards mandatory accreditation, achieving and maintaining full compliance has never been more important. MED Compliance Solutions offers MED Provider Members the tools necessary to maintain accreditation and prepare for any accrediting site-review. Compliance Solutions offers user friendly, easy to access job descriptions, competency checklists, policies, procedures, and forms which ensure compliance with all accreditation and CMS standards. Each of these tools are readable on-line, may be saved to your desktop, or printed.


MED Education Solutions

MED U is an exciting collection of online courses written specifically for the HME/Rehab/Respiratory and Orthotics industry. With more than 100 courses on subjects ranging from customer service to patient confidentiality to compliance, equipment, and diseases and disabilities, the course offering continues to grow.

Use MED U as an orientation to the industry for new employees. Or use MED U for the continued development of your staff or as part of your annual review. The content is industry-specific, easy to implement and affordable. MED U is an authorized provider of continuing education through The International Association for Continuing Education and Training (IACET).

MED Human Resource Solutions

MED Human Resource Solutions enable paperless employee performance tracking and the screening of lowest risk, best talent. MED Human resources allow you to perform and produce:

  • Immediate Background checks
  • Job Descriptions
  • Human Resource Policies, Procedures and Forms
  • Training and Development
  • Employee Performance Evaluation and Management
  • Record Maintenance
  • Career Development


MED Regulatory Solutions

Having the correct information and knowing where you can access it is critical in today’s regulatory environment. As a result, MED has created a comprehensive resource - MED’s Regulatory Solutions. Loaded with user-friendly features that provide instant access to important information, you can save on staff resources, time and money!

  • DOT (Department of Transportation) - A Quick Link to the DOT Home Page. Information specific to Testing, Vehicle Safety, and HAZMAT Past eConference Presentations, Rules and Regulations, Sample Forms, and Sample Policies and Procedures.
  • FDA ( Food and Drug Administration) A Quick Link to the FDA Home Page. Forms, Past eConference Presentations, Resources, Rules and Regulations, Sample Policies and Procedures, and Tips and Ideas.
  • OIG (Office of Inspector General) - A Quick Link to the OIG Home Page. Advisory Opinions and Alerts, Articles and Analysis, Corporate Integrity Agreements, Exclusions from Medicare Program, OIG Reports, and Work Plans
  • OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) - A Quick Link to the OSHA Home Page. Bloodborne Pathogens, Drug and Alcohol, Forms, HIV/AIDS, Competency Checklists, Needle stick Standards, Past eConference Presentations, OSHA Fact Sheets, Record Keeping Requirements, Safety, and TB Regulations,.
  • Tips and Ideas – Helpful hints and ideas dealing with Compliance, Fraud and Abuse.


MED Reimbursement Solutions

MED Reimbursement Solutions include these dynamic, cost efficient tools for your team:

  • Best Practices Guide – A chapter by chapter guidebook dealing in Order Intake, Medical Documentation, Verification and Authorization, Contracting/Managed Care, Delivery, The Conformation Process, Managing Self Pay, Managing Institutional Accounts, Billing and Claims Processing, Collections, Managing Accounts Receivable, Cash Application, Accountability, The Hiring Process, Training, and HIPAA . 
  • Forms Library – General Operations and Reimbursement Tools  
  • Internet Links – Helpful, time-saving Internet Links dealing with Reimbursement and Coding Information.  
  • Sample Policies and Procedures  
  • Tips and Ideas – Useful tips and ideas dealing with Audits, Billing and Collections, Coding, Operations, Personnel, Prompt Payment Laws as well as Sample Job Descriptions Ask for an online demonstration: 

Also, you may want to familiarize yourself with the MED Suppliers Network.  The MED Suppliers Network is a group of DME suppliers who have met the quality standards and accreditation requirements set forth by CMS and were awarded contracts for Competitively Bid items.  Also listed are DME suppliers across the nation who can supply product(s) to Medicare patients who are not currently affected by Competitive Bidding.  The DME suppliers in this network are independently and locally owned.  

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