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Successful companies are metric driven companies. They regularly monitor their performance using key business metrics. MED Metric Solution, Winning Business Metrics (WBM), provides an online tool to maintain and analyze your company’s metrics, set goals and monitor performance.

Data is critical. Winning Business Metrics is used to:

  • Measure the impact of changes on a process
  • Identify and understand relationships that might help explain variation
  • Control a process (monitor process performance)
  • Avoid solutions that don’t solve the problem

The elements that a metric driven company looks at include:

  • Metrics
  • Best Practices
  • Baselines
  • Trendline Forecasts
  • Benchmarks

Companies that pay attention to metrics are able to spot problems and opportunities first.

MED Members can contact their National Account Manager or Personal Account Representative to enroll and take advantage of added savings. If you aren't a MED Member but want to learn more about MED Business Solutions membership contact:

Mike McKillip, Director, Business Services & Events | 800.825.5633 ext. 2534 

Mendy Warwick, Business Services Specialist  | 800.825.5633 ext. 2508 

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