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Continuing staff education and training are a requirement of all accrediting bodies and many regulatory agencies. MED’s Education Solutions helps you offer staff appropriate and comprehensive educational opportunities and customized training in a number of ways. MED’s Education Solutions aim at providing the HME provider useful and meaningful resources, continuing education, and training. These educational tools help HME professionals improve performance and stay current with new industry developments resulting in a knowledgeable staff, critical in today’s challenging and competitive market.

  • MED U – An convenient and flexible online educational program, designed specifically for the HME supplier, complete with online testing and CEU certification.
  • eConferences – One monthly eConference is presented on relevant topics affecting the HME supplier featuring industry-leading consultants as faculty.
  • Special eConference Suites – Specially scheduled series of in-depth eConferences dealing with a single topic.


MED Members can contact their National Account Manager or Personal Account Representative to enroll and take advantage of added savings. If you aren't a MED Member but want to learn more about MED Business Solutions membership contact:

Mike McKillip, Director, Business Services & Events | 800.825.5633 ext. 2534 

Mendy Warwick, Business Services Specialist | 800.825.5633 ext. 2508 

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