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With the implementation of CMS’ Quality Standards and the move towards mandatory accreditation, achieving and maintaining full compliance has never been more important. MED Compliance Solutions offers the HME supplier the tools necessary to obtain and sustain its accreditation and prepare for any accrediting site-review. In addition, this tool will help implement and manage an effective compliance program.

Compliance Solutions offers user friendly, easy to access job descriptions, competency checklists, policies, procedures, and forms which promote and ensure compliance with all accreditation and CMS standards. MED’s Compliance Solutions assist the HME provider with improving operation quality and ultimately helping the HME Provider achieve positive results.

MED Members can contact their National Account Manager or Personal Account Representative to enroll and take advantage of added savings. If you aren't a MED Member but want to learn more about MED Business Solutions membership contact:

Mike McKillip, Director, Business Services & Events | 800.825.5633 ext. 2534 

Mendy Warwick, Business Services Specialist  | 800.825.5633 ext. 2508 

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