Enhanced Patient Care

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Provider Enhanced Patient Care

 “Improving quality of life…ONE patient at a time” 

MED’s primary objective is “Connecting Partners and Delivering Results.” As part of our commitment to this motto, MED has worked with training experts to develop a Provider Enhanced Patient Care (PEPC) program.

This program is designed to equip our Members with the tools and techniques needed to implement a culture shift within their organization – moving from a company that just drops off ordered equipment to a company that functions as a trusted advisor for patients, helping them find the best products and solutions for their needs. The result of this approach should be better education on what manufacturers offer and greater potential revenue for the HME provider!

The Past

Traditionally, the DME industry has focused mainly on the “reimbursed” items provided to customers at the request of referral sources. These items were usually the “big ticket” item and the margin on these items was the lifeblood of an HME provider. Complementary products, many of which are not reimbursed, were not brought to the patient’s attention. 

The Present

Compression on both government and commercial insurance fee schedules have eroded the profit margins on many of the reimbursable items which companies were built on. Providers must find greater cost efficiencies in operations and additional opportunities for revenue. 

The Future

Without creating an entirely new channel approach with new call points and delivery processes, MED’s PEPC Program helps educate organizations, as a team, to find methods for generating more revenue AND helping your customers by educating them on complementary products and services based on their specific needs. This is where the concept of “improving quality of life…ONE patient at a time” is born. 

For more information on the PEPC program or for more information about becoming a MED Member, please use our Contact Us form or call us, toll free, at 800.825.5633 and press option #4 for our support team.  

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