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Having the correct information and knowing where you can go to get it is critical in today’s regulatory environment. With this in mind, MED has created a comprehensive resource - MED’s Regulatory Solution.

MED’s Regulatory Solution provides instant access to relevant and critical information to help HME providers conduct informed operations. It is a dynamic, cost-efficient tool that the entire staff can easily utilize. Having all of this information accessible in one location equates to measurable savings of staff resources and time.

Some of the information found here includes:

  • DOT (Department of Transportation) - A Quick Link to the DOT Home Page. Information specific to Testing, Vehicle Safety, and HAZMAT Past eConference Presentations, Rules and Regulations, Sample Forms, and Sample Policies and Procedures. 
  • FDA ( Food and Drug Administration) A Quick Link to the FDA Home Page. Forms, Past eConference Presentations, Resources, Rules and Regulations, Sample Policies and Procedures, and Tips and Ideas. 
  • OIG  (Office of Inspector General) - A Quick Link to the OIG Home Page. Advisory Opinions and Alerts, Articles and Analysis, Corporate Integrity Agreements, Exclusions from Medicare Program, OIG Reports, and Work Plans 
  • OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) - A Quick Link to the OSHA Home Page. Bloodborne Pathogens, Drug and Alcohol, Forms, HIV/AIDS, Competency Checklists, Needle stick Standards, Past eConference Presentations, OSHA Fact Sheets, Record Keeping Requirements, Safety, and TB Regulations,. 
  • Tips and Ideas – Helpful hints and ideas dealing with Compliance, Fraud and Abuse. 

MED Members can contact their National Account Manager or Personal Account Representative to enroll and take advantage of added savings. If you aren't a MED Member but want to learn more about MED Business Solutions membership contact:

Mike McKillip, Director, Business Services & Events | 800.825.5633 ext. 2534 

Mendy Warwick, Business Services Specialist  | 800.825.5633 ext. 2508 

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