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1968: The original “Connecting Partners” philosophy was implemented when Medical Equipment Distributors, Inc. is founded and incorporated. Over the next 50 years, The MED Group established a significant national footprint with the broadest and deepest reach in home care. 

1960s – 1970s: The MED Group begins adding additional products to their portfolio, including the original PIC sheets. It was during this time that The MED Group moved their corporate location to Lubbock, Texas. 

1980s: The MED Group introduced new programs and services for its Members. With a focus on networking and education, The MED Group hosted quarterly Member meetings and introduced the first MED University tools. 

1990s: With the constant advances in technology that this decade brought, The MED Group made sure to stay ahead of the curve. Not only did The MED Group introduce the Certified Repair Centers and the National Rehab Network, but MED University was rebranded (MED U), updated, and made available on the Internet. 

2000s: MED U, the HME industry’s first Learning Management System, sees its first students in 2001. Additionally, The MED Group creates its specialty networks, including the National Respiratory Network, and focuses on adding more services for its Members.

2010: The MED Group was acquired by MHA, Inc., helping MHA to grow their breadth of solutions. MHA is the country’s largest alternate site GPO and has established itself as a leading health care services and technology company. 

2013: MHA, Inc. is acquired by Roper Technologies (ROP), a diversified technology company. Operating as part of Roper Technologies, MHA is poised to continue expanding their scope of services. 

2018: The MED Group celebrates 50 years in the HME industry.

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