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MED Consultants

MED Consultant Partner Agreements represent the best names in the industry. Strategic partnerships with key industry consultants can help Providers evaluate and improve their operations. To Connect Partners and Deliver Results™, MED provides access to consultants with expertise in:

  • Activity Based Management
  • A/R Management, Reimbursement, Compliance & External Auditing, Customer Service, Staff Training, Educational Seminars
  • Billing Services, Reimbursement, CMS Compliance
  • Compliance, Billing, Due Diligence Audits, HIPAA Audits, Regulatory Affairs Filings
  • Education, Training, Human Resources
  • HME Repair/Service Management Operations and Technological Training
  • Operations and Process Improvement
  • Sales, Marketing, Planning, Managed Care
  • Staff Accountability, Compliance, Performance Efficiencies and Personnel Management

To locate a consultant to meet your company needs, contact your MED Personal Account Representative at (800) 825-5633.

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